• IT Support Services
  • Managed Services
  • Dedicated On-site Help Desk
  • Remote Support Management
  • Rollout and Deployment Services (New installations, Office Moves, and Changes): We provide complete tailored deployment and new installation services for organisations. These services are designed to reduce costs and disruption to your day to day business operations. Our team can deliver at minimum notice and within time scales.
    On-site installation services – installation, testing and deployment (system upgrades and change requests)
  • Asset Management
    1. Every device in the network are marked with unique security tag
    2. Track physical locations with VLAN segregation
    3. Physical Auditing
    4. Create and monitor asset values and warranties
    5. Assign devices to people, departments or services
    6. Upgrade and decommissioning
    7. Creation of asset registers
  • Backup Solution
    1. Tape and disk Backup
    2. SAN and NAS configuration
  • Security Solution
    1. DMZ configuration
    2. Proxy service settings
    3. Firewall configuration solution
    4. Anti-Virus solution
    5. System Harding and Encryption solution