Support Services

In DayStar our priority is to get you and your system back operational as fast as possible with little or no impact to your network and business operation that is why we do everything to keep you in service. We under take preventive maintenance to fix any hardware failure before it takes place.

  • Desktop Support
  • Notebooks and Handheld Support
  • Self Service Kiosk Support
  • Server Support

Server Build, Upgrade and Maintenance

Setting up new servers, or upgrading? Let our team of engineers do the hard work for you. This will free you up to concentrate on what that needs to be done in maintaining your network infrastructure while our dedicated engineers set it up for you. Our services include:

I. Massaging Solutions

II. Application Servers

III. File and Print Server solution

IV. Virtualization and Cloud Computing

V. DB and SQL Server build and maintenance

VI. Web Server build and solution

VII. Media and Streaming solution

VIII. Internet Television solution

IX. Backup Solution